Thursday, September 01, 2011

With pistol & notes on dancing floor

We the people of India swear that no one would be elected without criminal background. If we elect persons having clean bachground who will protect the house from the invaders? Who will sponsor the criminal if we would not elect millionaires? It is your innocent estimation that Anna will get success in his drive of India having full proof corruption. Data says that poverty increases crime increases in parliament. It means people of India is indirectly proportionate to the parliament. The journey of parliament started with 45 Rs as allowance for MPs has arrived at Rs. 2,27,000 only (per month), while Gandhi ji didn’t want to give them salary. On the other hand Rajive Shukla MP from Congress lamenting upon low salary of Indian parliamentarian. Shukla sahib, you also belong from journalistic background. Who will teach you not conceding the fact pertaining to the matter. Shukla sahib you know better that in these days of  playing with constitution, your fellow members have ammended 27 times this allowance. No one will be so foolish as to believe your matter.  
 Set up of corruption has developed its own social programming from which it gets social approval i.e. socialization of corruption. It has characterized our society & derived a dialect, grammer & so a language also. New alphabet is getting prepared for forthcoming generation
 A for Adarsh  
B for Bofors
C for CWG
D for Devas
F for Fodder
G for Gegong’s PDS
H for Hawala
I for IPL
J for JMM
K for Koda
L for LIC .
M for Mehta the Big Bull
N for Nepotism
O for Oil for Food
P for Pawar
Q for Qualifications and Certificates
R for Ramalinga Raju
S for Sukh Ram
T for Two G
U for UP food grain scandal
V for Votes in lieu of cash
W for Wagers and Bets
X for Xerox and X-ray
Z for Zillions and Zilch
Having seen the affidavit filled in by candidates of loksabha election, you will not only be astonished but you will also find it a better joke on democracy. For exemple Madhu Koda fought indipendant ly from Singhbhum and elected, had declared in his affidavit that no one case was pending against him for in the court. Is there any body who doesn’t know this VIP scanduklous hero of 4000 crore scam.